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Our Structure

MPA operates from offices in central London, with affiliated offices in Scotland and Northern Ireland and dedicated officers working in Wales. The industry experience in our team is vast, a pool of expertise from which members can greatly strengthen their own activities. Our structure has been designed to ensure that the organisation is responsive to its members’ needs and that they have every opportunity to influence its policies.

Regional strength

One of MPA’s great strengths lies in our regional structure, which is based on the UK economic planning regions, so ensuring close alignment of members’ interests. Regional chairmen feed local views and recommendations to MPA Council. The regions also provide many opportunities for members of all sizes to network with their peers.

The MPA family

MPA includes a number of constituent organisations (Product Groups) that represent the interests of specific mineral products. Operating together under the MPA umbrella provides combined strength while facilitating cost-effective use of resources and expertise.

Business facilities

Membership of MPA provides an opportunity to use prestige office and meeting facilities in central London at modest or even no cost. We can also arrange catering, video conferencing and hot-desking as required.

The MPA Charter

Membership of the MPA means that companies agree to operate in accordance with the Memorandum & Articles of Association and the MPA Charter which includes the: Vision, Strategic Priorities and Objectives, Policies and Data Collection, Information and Commitments, and also respect the Core Values. The Charter does not apply to Associate members or Affiliates, unless they choose for it to do so.