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Natural Environment

Quarries & Nature - A 50 Year Success Story

Quarries... Uniquely delivering for nature

Within the pages of this book we have captured just some of the countless fantastic achievements of this essential industry in supporting nature recovery over the last 50 years. I admit it’s been a tall order, if only because of the scale of the task, so I hope that we have done the mineral extraction and mineral products sector justice.

Published: 2021


The MPA Biodiversity Strategy

Building on our legacy . . . realising our potential

The Strategy commits the MPA and its members to continuing to take a positive approach to nature conservation and recovery, leaving behind more and better quality habitats than before mineral extraction, a net gain in biodiversity wherever possible, through site selection, management, restoration and aftercare.

Published: 2020


The MPA Restoration Guarantee Fund

. . . An industry pledge

Quality restoration of land borrowed for the extraction of minerals is one of the trademarks of the modern quarrying industry. Indeed, without proper provision for restoration, secured through planning conditions, permission to operate a quarry is never given. However, the MPA Restoration Guarantee Fund (MPARGF) acknowledges that it could be difficult for restoration conditions to be enforced if an operator becomes financially insolvent. It is precisely for that reason that the MPARGF was designed; to give communities, landowners and planning authorities the confidence that even in those circumstances quarrying will not leave a legacy that they will be left to clean up. That is the MPARGF pledge. Because it is so effective in giving that security, the MPARGF is endorsed by Government through the National Planning Policy Framework.

Published: 2015