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Precast Concrete

Precast concrete, provides local, low carbon, long-lasting and low risks solutions for the construction industry.

MPA Precast represents the UK precast concrete manufacturers and members of the supply chain. The main aims are to promote precast concrete in the construction market; to disseminate information, through a range of industry representation and by shared knowledge, and to add value to its member companies. With a growing membership of over 60 precast concrete manufacturer members, and more than 100 supply chain organisations, members' interests are continually developed through our team of dedicated professionals who have extensive connections with organisations in the United Kingdom and worldwide.

Precast and Sustainability

MPA Precast members demonstrate their commitment to sustainability by signing a Sustainability Charter - a mandatory requirement for membership - which is fully and independently audited. The Precast Sustainability Charter and KPI initiative is part of a wider Concrete Sustainability Strategy initiative, led by UK Concrete. The precast sector developed a Precast Resource Efficiency Action Plan (REAP) in 2013 in collaboration with WRAP, BRMCA (British Ready-Mixed Concrete Association) and the BDA (Bricks Development Association) to improve different indicators and aspects associated with resource efficiency.

Precast concrete products come from natural and recycled sources, mainly inorganic, resulting in minimal processing or chemical treatments for use and a relatively low embodied energy value. Locally sourced, reducing the need to import materials from far away omitting the potential environmental impact for shipping. The aim is to look at our products and the way we manufacture them. In the UK, we are already making progress in both areas. Further evidence is given in our annual Sustainability Report.

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