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Younger Generation

For Schools

The mineral products industry recognises the value of devoting time and resources to working with schools and colleges. Few other industries can offer quite the same educational scope – from environmental issues through to geography, history, science and much more. The fact that it is also very much a local industry is another potential bonus for teachers. Quarries have been described as the “finest outdoor classrooms” because of the rich opportunities they offer for out-of-the-classroom learning. The industry is experienced in hosting school visits for a variety of age groups.

The Virtual Quarry with its 21 curriculum-related teaching units is our main industry resource. The technology employed for the quarry tour and other interactive elements is no longer the latest available, so we are currently updating the site. Meanwhile, the lesson plans were all researched and written by teachers and MPA is happy to supplement with real data and other resources on request.

Stay Safe Campaign

Every year, young people are injured and sometimes tragically killed while playing in quarries, marine wharves and other operations around the UK. MPA’s Stay Safe campaign has been set up to explain the dangers of treating quarries as playgrounds or places to hang out with friends.

"Quarries are safe places for the people who work there but they are not good places for people of my age to hang out. Anything the Mineral Products Association can do to get the message across has got to be good”

- Abi Cosnett, suffered a quarry fall

Teachers and youth leaders are vital partners in the campaign to spread the message to young people that quarries are not places to play. Your support can help us save lives.

Safety education is an increasingly important element of the National Curriculum, particularly within PSHE and Citizenship. If you are to build information about quarry safety into your lessons, you may like to use some of our school resources which can be downloaded or provided in hard copy.

One of the most effective ways of highlighting the dangers of quarries is to arrange a supervised quarry visit or to invite the local quarry manager to your school. Contact us if you would like help or advice in setting up a visit. 


The Mineral Products industry offers one of the most diverse range of careers of any sector. From school leavers and graduates to experienced operatives, those returning to work or changing careers, to business leaders, there are roles for everyone within the industry.

Learn about careers in quarrying.