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Health & Safety

Health and safety is the top priority for mineral products companies.

With lots of big machinery and rugged site conditions, mineral products companies have good reason to place such a huge emphasis on the health, safety and wellbeing of its workforce and the contractors that are engaged to support the industry. That care also extends to local communities and those with whom the industry shares the road network.

Recent decades have seen the industry make huge improvements, and today Britain is widely regarded as a global leader in health and safety, both in terms of good safety practice and performance. In the past decade alone, for example, the number of injuries to people working in the industry has reduced by more than 65%.

However, companies in the sector are not complacent and strive to continually improve working practices and instil a safety culture among employees.

Vision Zero

‘Vision Zero’ – ‘Safe & Well Everyday’ is the foundation for MPA’s reinvigorated health & safety plan until 2025. Vision Zero is underpinned by a new set of shared values to help change behaviour: Empowerment; Engaged, visible and consistent leadership; Zero tolerance of unsafe working conditions; High quality implementation; Collaboration and sharing; Compliance.

Central to the Vision is the elimination of the causes of the ‘The Fatal 6’- the high consequence hazards that are responsible for the majority of fatalities and incidents within the industry. The Vision also employs a range of other strategies including Developing competent and committed leaders at all levels; Promoting recognition; Creating forward looking measurement systems – Leading indicators – Predictors; Supporting the management of health and wellbeing; Promoting engagement from all members.

The MPA Health & Safety Awards encourage the sharing of good practice and are strongly supported by member companies. Find out more at

Cycle Safety

MPA introduced a national campaign in 2011 aimed at preventing collisions between the industry’s lorries and cyclists. Launched in partnership with the Metropolitan Police, it was soon followed by a Vulnerable Road User (VRU) Safety Policy, which requires industry drivers to receive special VRU training. MPA members have also been leading contributors in the development of the Construction Logistics & Cyclist Safety (CLOCS) standard. For more information visit the Cycle Safe and Vulnerable Road User Safety page.

Stay Safe

MPA’s Stay Safe campaign raises public awareness of the potential hazards they may be exposing themselves to when entering active or disused quarries uninvited. Individuals may be attracted to the sites due to the dramatic scenery, isolation, wildlife, or perceived opportunity for play or adventure. However, the site may feature hazards such as steep rock faces, moving plant, unstable ground, underwater pumps and machinery, deep water, very cold water, sudden and unexpected changes in depth, high alkalinity, pollution, and silt ponds that can act like quicksand.

MPA and its members are committed to ensuring that local communities, especially children, are aware of the dangers of entering quarries unsupervised and, in particular, the hazards associated with quarry lakes. Most fatalities in quarries are water related, occur at disused sites, involve young males who are often engaging in activities they perceive as harmless fun until the tragic incident occurs.

As part of its Stay Safe campaign, MPA supports UK Drowning Prevention Strategy and the national Drowning Prevention Strategies of Scotland, Wales, and N. Ireland. It works collaboratively with a range of organisations such as the emergency services, safety organisations, water utilities, environmental and nature charities, and local authorities. MPA also works hard to ensure that its members are pro-active in their community liaison and adherence to best practice in the management of public safety on all sites they are responsible for.