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11 Nov 2020

MPA’s ‘Vision Zero’ Launched at Inaugural MPA & British Precast Health & Safety Leadership Conference

With the theme of ‘Look, Listen, Learn, Lead’, MPA & British Precast’s first virtual Health & Safety Leadership Conference took place on Wednesday 11 November, hosted by BBC Radio Presenter Sybil Ruscoe. The event launched MPA’s new ‘Vision Zero’, together with the associated values, strategies, targets and focussed on the leadership and behavioural change required to deliver them, drawing on the insights of leaders from within the industry and the workforce. Contributors also talked about what they had learnt, managing, and adapting to a Covid-19 environment.

Building on the significant lessons from previous years, ‘Vision Zero’ – ‘Safe & Well Everyday’ is the foundation for MPA’s reinvigorated health & safety plan until 2025. Vision Zero is underpinned by a new set of shared values to help change behaviour: Empowerment; Engaged, visible and consistent leadership; Zero tolerance of unsafe working conditions; High quality implementation; Collaboration and sharing; Compliance.

Central to the Vision is the elimination of the causes of the ‘The Fatal 6’- the high consequence hazards that are responsible for the majority of fatalities and incidents within the industry. The Vision also employs a range of other strategies including Developing competent and committed leaders at all levels; Promoting recognition; Creating forward looking measurement systems – Leading indicators – Predictors; Supporting the management of health and wellbeing; Promoting engagement from all members.

Simon Willis, CEO Hanson UK and the new MPA Chairman said:
“We must avoid complacency and continue to lead with both determination and vigilance, working together to eliminate the causes of fatalities, incidents and ill health. I am delighted to formally launch MPA’s new ‘Vision Zero’ - ‘Safe & Well Every Day’, our reinvigorated five year plan, a new strategy built around ‘The Fatal 6’, our platform which concentrates on the risks that we all know from bitter experience are the cause of 94% of all our fatalities. We look backwards to learn and look forward to see potential hazards.  I urge our members to get behind Vision Zero - One Vision, One Outcome, Everyone, Safe and Well Every Day.”

Alan Smith, Chief Operating Officer, Robert Brett and Sons and President, British Precast said:
“This is great timing to refocus on the number one priority which is health & safety. There has been a lot of collaboration between British Precast members, but far too often we are trying to solve problems on our own. If we work together to pool our knowledge and pool our resource, we can create safer, better manufacturing factories quicker.”

Chris Leese, MPA’s Special Advisor - Health & Safety said:
“We need people to come with us and in the end it’s all about leadership. I think that the majority of our members need no persuasion that Vision Zero is right, keeping everyone safe and eliminating the causes of serious harm. This new vision and strategy have been developed by the members, through the working groups, approved by our Council and the MPA Board. It is already a strong reflection of what they want to do, in the end, to have Zero. We have to make a difference.”

The theme of the conference was the central role that leadership would need to play in achieving the vision and the people who make a difference by positively influencing people’s behaviours. Nigel Jackson, MPA’s Chief Executive referenced a mantra that could help leaders deliver this - Look, Listen, Learn and Lead saying:

“There is a common cause here, whether it is Covid related or day to day health & safety. This is about looking out for each other – staying alert, looking, listening, learning,  so that you are able to lead better at every level and adopt the key skills needed to ensure we all go home safe and well, every day.

“Going forward, MPA will build on the easily deployable Clear, Simple, Smart resources on Isolation, Covid-19 and Mental Health and Well Being that have already been launched by MPA this year. Using ‘guiding principles’, cartoons and  consistent messaging we will work hard and in collaboration with other industry bodies to provide members with the resources to help improve on site behaviours and safety practices as part of MPA’s mission to eliminate ‘The Fatal 6’ incidents from operations.”                                       
The Conference featured  contributions from senior industry figures on ‘What ‘Vision Zero’ means and why it is so important to the industry’, including Martin Riley - Senior Vice-President, Tarmac and President of the IQ; Jacqueline O’Donovan - Managing Director, O’Donovan Waste Disposal; Alan Smith - Chief Operating Officer, Robert Brett and Sons, President, British Precast; Colin Mew - HM Principal Inspector HSE; Lawrence Waterman OBE - Chairman, Joint Industry Health & Safety Forum; Chris Hudson – Managing Director Asphalt, Aggregate Industries, Chairman MPA Health & Safety Committee.

A Leadership Panel  consisting John Anderson - National Logistics Director, Tarmac; Simon Bourne - Group Operations Director, Marshalls; Darren Broadhead - Managing Director, Broadhead Global and Jacqueline O’Donovan, discussed their personal experiences and views on the management of health and safety, in particular the impact that COVID-19 had on their operations and what they had learned from this.
This was balanced against a series of statements from the workforce about what the vision, values and leadership means to them.

A key aspect of the new strategy remains the role of ‘Safer by Sharing’ by acknowledging and celebrating the role of health & safety innovation and good practice. The new MPA & British Precast Health & Safety Awards 2021 were announced, which will take place during the MPA & British Precast Health & Safety Conference on 10th November 2021.

To view a recording of the Conference, visit MPA’s YouTube channel, MineralProducts1.