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MPA Biodiversity Strategy

The MPA Biodiversity Strategy

Building on our legacy . . . realising our potential

The Strategy commits the MPA and its members to continuing to take a positive approach to nature conservation and recovery, leaving behind more and better quality habitats than before mineral extraction, a net gain in biodiversity wherever possible, through site selection, management, restoration and aftercare.

The minerals industry has a decade’s long and proven history in delivering for biodiversity. MPA members have already created over 8,000 hectares of UK priority habitats such as meadows, heathland, broadleaved woodland, and wetlands including lakes, ponds and reedbeds. At least a further 11,000 hectares is in the pipeline in approved restoration schemes, but not yet realised. In addition, active and restored quarries host a diverse range of common and protected species. The MPA’s National Nature Park includes over 80 restored sites where there is public access to enjoy wildlife.

Published: 2020