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While the Play Safe campaign has been largely successful with younger age groups in the past, teenagers remain a major safety concern to the quarrying industry. Incidents from recent years have included:

Buried alive
A 13-year-old boy who was buried alive when the tunnel he and friends were digging into a sand stockpile on a marine aggregate wharf in south Wales collapsed.
A 17-year-old boy drowned in a disused quarry lake in Somerset after apparently diving from a cliff face.
Broken bones
A 14-year-old girl broke an arm and leg when she fell down a cliff face at a quarry in the West Midlands after horseplay with friends.


A 999-style reconstruction video is available of the accident in the West Midlands. Please contact if you would like to order a copy.

An innovative new schools programme has been launched, which helps quarries and their local schools work together to tackle teenage trespass. The programme links with Citizenship in the National Curriculum. Click here to find out more.


“Quarries are safe places for the men who work there but they are not good places for people of my age to hang out. Anything the Mineral Products Association can do to get the message across has got to be good”

Abi Cosnett, suffered a quarry fall

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