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Stay Safe resources for kids

Resource Description Cost per Unit
Charlie Crow Card - Spot the Hazards

Card with Charlie Crow says stay out of quarries on front and spot the hazards competition on back. Also gives link to website of children’s radio where other resources are available and virtual quarry

Available free from David Yelland

Charlie Crow Card - Warning Signs    

Card with Charlie Crow and competition to identify warning signs – answers on back Available free from David Yelland

Charlie Crow - Stickers   

Popular give away stickers Available free from David Yelland

Play Safe...Stay Safe DVD

View a clip here

The 15-minute Play Safe DVD caters for young children and features ex-Blue Peter presenter Katy Hill as your guide to the dangers of playing in quarries and marine wharves. The perfect complement to the resource pack above, the MPA strongly recommends using the two together. Contact David Yelland to order


Stay Safe in sand and gravel quarry activity leaflet

Stay Safe in hard rock quarry activity leaflet

Two short colourful leaflets encouraging children to identify the quarry dangers through activity. The leaflets include a wordsearch and spot-the-danger picture. Suggestions for further activities also included. Sand and gravel or hard rock versions of the leafet are available.

Free to download as PDF or order printed copies
Stay Safe poster

Posters featuring some of the Premier League's top goalkeepers supporting Stay Safe.

David James - with MPA logo
David James - with QPA NI logo
David James - with QPA Scotland logo

Boaz Myhill - with MPA logo
Boaz Myhill with QPA NI logo
Boaz Myhill with QPA Scotland logo

Jussi Jaaskelainen - with MPA logo
Jussi Jaaskelainen - with QPA NI logo
Jussi Jaaskelainen - with QPA Scotland logo

Free to download as PDF
Stay Safe Stickers Colourful Stay Safe ... Stay Out of Quarries stickers are available for purchase. Contact David Yelland to order

Educational resource pack

Download full educational pack

Download previews here:
Decision making and peer pressure
Making decisions
Scenarios and role play
True or false?



The pack contains five activity cards, two aimed at Key Stage 2 and two at Key Stage 3, plus a resource on decision making and peer pressure.

The activities are designed to support a number of National Curriculum subjects, including:

  • English
  • Art
  • Geography

Each activity can be carried out in a normal length lesson - but can be expanded if more time is available. Some ideas for extension work are given.

Each activity is self-contained. All are designed to be carried out as group work, although Key stage 2 activities can also be handled individually. Whatever the case, it is important for pupils to have the opportunity to discuss their feelings and ideas.

Free to download as PDF

Wall Chart

View a pdf of the chart here


An A2 sized wall chart featuring a look around the quarry, a guide to their importance and a reminder that playing safely means keeping away! Free



“Quarries are safe places for the people who work there but they are not good places for people of my age to hang out. Anything the Mineral Products Association can do to get the message across has got to be good”

Abi Cosnett, suffered a quarry fall

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