2013 2014
Aggregate production (primary) GB 143m tonnes 159m tonnes
Recycled / secondary materials GB 55m tonnes 61m tonnes
Asphalt sales GB 18.9m tonnes 20.6m tonnes
Ready-mixed concrete sales GB 15.9m cu m 16.4m cu m
Cement domestic sales GB 8.3m tonnes 9.0m tonnes
Cementitious materials GB 11.5m tonnes 12.4m tonnes

Sales of mineral products fell very significantly over the period 2008 to 2012 but have recovered strongly since mid 2013. The improvements in housing and construction markets, particularly in London, generated the recovery and we now anticipate a more broadly based improvement in construction markets from 2015.

In spite of very difficult market conditions during the recession, the industry continued to meet the requirements of its customers, notably in the area of demonstrating their sustainability performance. MPA members have led the supply of responsibly sourced construction materials through certification to the BRE 6001 Responsible Sourcing Framework Standard.

The industry has also been working closely with the Government and the European Commission to highlight the strategic importance of minerals to society. It is critical that the mineral planning system functions effectively within the significant changes which have been introduced to the land use planning system.

To continue to meet the requirements of the construction industry and other customers in the most sustainable manner.