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Health & safety in the mineral products industry

There is no greater priority for the minerals industry than the health & safety of people, both those it employs (either directly, or as contractors) and those who visit its operations. Effective health & safety can be a challenge in an industry that involves heavy machinery and rugged environments, but that has not inhibited a highly successful MPA-led campaign whose ultimate aim is Zero Harm.

In 2009, MPA members achieved the five-year “Hard Target” of halving the number of reportable injuries amongst employees. The actual reduction in reportable injuries in the aggregates sector since the first sector hard target was introduced 10 years earlier was 83 per cent. In 2009, a renewed hard target was set to halve again the rate of lost time injuries for direct employees by the end of 2014. Such has been the combined success of the MPA membership, that this interim target was achieved 21 months early.

MPA has a family of “Safer by ....” initiatives which are all focussed on achieving Zero Harm

The sharing of best practice is one of MPA's strongest tools. The MPA health and safety awards always attract multiple entries, every one of which represents ideas brought to fruition and offered to others. MPA also operates the website with constantly updated information, resources and email alerts for registered users.

Quarry operators, in particular, go to great lengths to persuade children not to put their lives at risk by treating quarries as adventure playgrounds.  The MPA’s annual Stay Safe campaign takes the message to schools, teachers and parents right across the UK, whilst vulnerable road users are the subject of MPA’s innovative Cycle Safe campaign.

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