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Facts and figures about the mineral products industry

The big challenge with minerals is mentally to track them through to their end-uses. Those who see a quarry as an undesirable hole in the ground miss the point because they fail to see the role it plays in their everyday lives.

For example, in a typical year, the UK’s quarry network supports:

  • the building of over 100,000 new homes
  • over £7 billion of school and university improvements
  • maintenance of our 230,000-mile road network
  • a £3 billion programme of improvements to water services
  • over £3.5 billion of investment in our rail network
  • supplies of special sands for glass foundry and other industries
  • cleansing of emissions from coal-fired power stations

If you accept that we all effectively “demand” minerals, it is interesting to note that each of us effectively “consumes” nearly four tonnes of aggregates every year. That means that a family of four needs a lorry load of aggregates each year. Likewise, a typical house needs 18 tonnes of cement to make the concrete needed for foundations, floors, concrete blocks, lintels and more. Follow this link to our fact file.

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We use around 200 million tonnes of aggregates every year, most of it for building
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