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Asphalt applications

MPA provides information and guidance on asphalt products through the Asphalt Information Service which is contactable via the main MPA telephone number 020 7963 8000 or email:

The Service publishes a range of 12 "Asphalt Applications" information sheets giving advice on the practical considerations for the successful use of asphalt in a number of different situations (see below). The Asphalt Information Service can provide on request a list of depots of MPA members that undertake asphalt contracting throughout the country. Requests should be made to the telephone number or email address above.

Another popular publication for those requiring some additional background on highways materials is “What’s in a Road?”. This is a brief review of the nature and uses of the different materials used in the construction and maintenance of asphalt roads.

What’s in a Road?” comes as a 36 page, A5 hard copy document or in digital format on a pre-loaded memory stick along with the “Asphalt Applications” information sheets. A handling charge of £5 is charged for both the hard copy and digital copies of “What’s in a Road?” – enquiries / orders should be made via .

In addition, the Service publishes other "Topics in Asphalt" information sheets (see below) which highlight some of the broader benefits of using asphalt, and how these can be achieved.

Asphalt downloads

These publications are FREE to download from below, simply by clicking on the appropriate title. Users should check to ensure that they are using the most current version of these documents.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Asphalt Information Service  “Asphalt Applications” series of information sheets published after November 2009 take full account of the EN 13108 series of Asphalt Standards implemented in the UK in January 2008. Document 12 in the series below summarises the new material terminology applied by the European Standards and it should be read in conjunction with the other MPA information sheets.

Asphalt Applications:    
1. Construction and surfacing of car parking areas including private drives - approx 484kb Download PDF PDF downloadhelp
2. Construction and surfacing of parking areas for medium and heavyweight vehicles - approx 436kb Download PDF PDF downloadhelp
3. Resurfacing of roads and other paved areas using asphalt - approx 640kb Download PDF PDF downloadhelp
4. Decorative and coloured finishes for asphalt surfacings - approx 492kb Download PDF PDF downloadhelp
5. Choosing a surfacing contractor - approx 88kb Download PDF PDF downloadhelp
6. Asphalt surfacings for high stress areas - approx 240kb Download PDF PDF downloadhelp
7. Uses of asphalt in the construction of games and sports areas - approx 492kb Download PDF PDF downloadhelp
8. Farming applications of asphalt - approx 524kb Download PDF PDF downloadhelp
9. Miscellaneous uses of asphalt - approx 412kb Download PDF PDF downloadhelp
10. Airfield uses of asphalt - approx 476kb Download PDF PDF downloadhelp
11. Construction and surfacing of footways and cycleways using asphalt - approx 180kb Download PDF PDF downloadhelp
12. European Asphalt Standards and their Application in the UK - approx 166kb Download PDF PDF downloadhelp
Topics in asphalt:    

Tomorrow's Asphalt – Here Today - approx size 293kb
Watch video here

Download PDF
(A4 Trifold)
PDF downloadhelp
Tomorrow's Roads - approx size 3.2mb
Watch video here
Download PDF
(A4 Trifold)
PDF downloadhelp
Asphalt - road materials with quality - approx size 252kb Download PDF PDF downloadhelp
Roads are "Green" with Asphalt - approx size 324kb Download PDF PDF downloadhelp

For more information on asphalt, please contact or Malcolm Simms ( or phone us on 020 7963 8000

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