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MPA Restoration and Biodiversity Awards 2015


Goddards Quarry
Operator: CEMEX UK
Location: Derbyshire


MPA Restoration Award Winner

Blending a limestone quarry that has been worked for some 70 years back into a landscape as beautiful as the Peak District National Park is no easy prospect. Given that CEMEX’s restoration of Goddards Quarry in the Hope Valley didn’t start in earnest until 2010, the transformation from industrial scene to picturesque grassland is remarkable.

The fact that steep slopes had previously been hyroseeded with grass and some trees planted meant that the general process of softening the scene had already started. The original rock faces were then blasted to reduce their height and ensure their safety. They were, nonetheless, left exposed as a key element of the new scene. Those who take a closer look at them and can enjoy fascinating fossil beds.

There is also a pond for newts complete with a hibernacula to provide added protection for the tiny creatures during the harsher weather. There are also reptiles and rock bees on the sunny quarry faces, several species of butterflies and a badger sett.  

A permissive path makes it possible for locals and visitors alike to enjoy a route around the quarry. They can also pause at a viewing platform to take in a now peaceful view which not long ago would have included a busy quarry production plant.


'Realising the Potential...Progress and Partnership' – Biodiversity and The Mineral Products Association.

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