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MPA Restoration and Biodiversity Awards 2015


Batts Combe and Callow Rock Quarries
Operator: Hanson UK & Aggregate Industries
Location: Somerset


MPA Biodiversity Award
Landscape Scale Restoration, in association with Natural England - WINNER

Take two large Mendip quarries, join up their landholdings and their opportunity to influence other sites ... and you end up with massive potential to contribute to biodiversity over a wide area.

MPA members Hanson UK and Aggregate Industries have achieved just that with their respective Batts Combe and Callow Rock quarries which are less than a mile apart at Cheddar.

With a 20-year series of initiatives that have effectively joined up the neighbouring landholdings this is a prime example of nature connectivity which includes the sharing of information, wildlife surveys and biodiversity targets. The project has also gained hugely from the practical support of the Somerset Wildlife Trust and Natural England.

A combination of quarry restoration and land management techniques has made it possible to increase the extent, quality and connectivity of habitats such as woodland and calcareous grassland.

The two companies have also worked together to introduce a grazing programme to deal very effectively with major scrub invasion of the jointly owned SSSI known as The Perch.

Other initiatives have included reconnecting the previously fragmented dormice population with a programme of corridor planting and managing existing scrub. Meanwhile, green hay has been spread over receptor sites to grow species-rich grassland.


'Realising the Potential...Progress and Partnership' – Biodiversity and The Mineral Products Association.

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