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MPA Restoration and Biodiversity Awards 2013


Sam Tarrant, CEMEX UK / RSPB

Honoured for outstanding contribution to biodiversity


Sam Tarrant is a Biodiversity Advisor leading a partnership between the RSPB and CEMEX UK. He has been working in conservation for the past 13 years and has been closely involved with quarry biodiversity since 2009. His role is to focus on the creation and enhancement of priority conservation habitats and species, and to advise on site specific issues.

His notable achievements include providing best practice conservation for over 1,350 hectares of habitat as the partnership between RSPB and CEMEX has boosted biodiversity management. This has included the publication of a company biodiversity strategy based on key performance indicators and stretch targets. To help achieve that strategy he initiated a training programme on basic biodiversity knowledge to 1,000 employees. Sam has also helped to initiate a company “lend a hand” scheme which encourages employees to volunteer a day of their working time each year for community and nature projects.

It was Sam’s enthusiasm which resulted in publication of an identification poster for quarry birds of prey. Coupled with that has been an annual survey of those birds in CEMEX quarries.

In leading the company’s work on biodiversity site management he led the preparation of the winning entry in this biodiversity competition when it was first awarded two years ago.



'Realising the Potential...Progress and Partnership' – Biodiversity and The Mineral Products Association.

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