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MPA Restoration and Biodiversity Awards 2013


Click for largerPateley Bridge Quarry

Hanson UK/Nidderdale Visual Arts/ Sculptor Andrew Sabin/Golder Associates/Nidderdale Plus/Harrogate Borough Council
Location: North Yorkshire


Quarry restoration doesn’t come any more dramatic than the Coldstones Cut  created by sculptor Andrew Sabin. Standing fourteen hundred feet above sea level, it enables some 30,000 visitors a year to enjoy the view over Hanson’s Pateley Bridge Quarry in Nidderdale. Chosen as the best public sculpture of 2011, the Coldstones Cut celebrates not just the beauty of the area but its long association with quarrying.

The mammoth public artwork was commissioned by Hanson Aggregates and Nidderdale Visual Arts as the crowning glory of a massive 92-hectare screening mound which was created by moving over two million cubic metres of soil. The company also relocated large areas of high value grassland and created a series of ponds and a marsh area for amphibians.

As a result, the restoration is also a triumph in terms of biodiversity, attracting over 30 species of nesting birds. The bold restoration project has made this particular quarry a popular tourist attraction as well as a popular venue for local schoolchildren.

'Realising the Potential...Progress and Partnership' – Biodiversity and The Mineral Products Association.

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