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  Stainton Quarry  

Operator: Marshalls Plc
Location: South Yorkshire

In 2007, Marshalls’ Stainton Quarry in South Yorkshire was the first quarry in the UK to be accredited to the Wildlife Trusts’ Biodiversity Benchmark. All employees have received training to understand their responsibility to wildlife and monitoring plays a vital role in the company’s system.

Stainton quarry is still fully operational with very little area restored, but it still contains interesting wildlife diversity. To ensure the company’s impact on wildlife is minimal during extraction, Marshalls’ has carried out several projects, including developing an old water sump with little ecological value into a haven for dragonflies and common toads.

Another success involved a pond which was in the way of operations. The pond contained a number of smooth newts and, after consultation with local experts, the site management plan was implemented in such a way as to ensure there was no significant impact on the species.

Other activities include cutting the boundary hedgerows biannually to provide berries for birds; improving two pond habitats for amphibians; erecting bat boxes in the woodland; and preserving two areas of woodland within the site, where bluebells, wild garlic and green hellebore grow.  In addition, steps were taken to retain a small section of limestone grassland where bee orchids can be found and the large limestone cliffs which have attracted peregrine falcons.

Marshalls shares information and experiences with Doncaster Council’s Biodiversity Officer, as well as other companies and local authorities; and engages with partners at its annual Biodiversity Management review meeting.  It has gone on to implement the benchmark at other quarries.

Priority BAP species to be found on this site include the tree pipit, linnet, grasshopper warbler, song thrush, small heath butterfly and shaded broad-bar moth.


Building on our Legacy...Realising our Potential’ – Biodiversity and The Mineral Products Association.

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