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  Middleton Hall Quarry  

Operator: Hanson UK
Location: Staffordshire

The restoration of this site has developed a long way, from basic planning conditions to enable agricultural after-use, to a much higher-level restoration which has created playing fields and football pitches.

The restoration standards were higher than normal to ensure the professional quality of the football playing pitches.  The process involved the stripping and saving of soil resources, inert land filling, and reinstatement of the soils - but on a cambered formation.  Good drainage is a fundamental requirement along with rigorous stone picking.  A bund surrounds much of the training pitches and this has been planted with a variety of trees.  A mixed hedgerow has been created adjoining the junior pitches.  In addition to seven acres of new pitches, there is an indoor training facility, landscaped car parking and a running track round the perimeter of the senior pitches.

The playing surface is of a superb standard.  It is extremely well maintained and from a distance may be thought to be artificial due to its perfection. 

There is a variety of native trees and shrubs to add to the nature conservation interest of this site.  The planting is designed to link with Coneybury Wood immediately to the north.  A permissive path passes through the site giving access to the surrounding areas.

This joint entry shows how the combined efforts of Hanson UK and Aston Villa Football Club have succeeded in producing a high-grade mineral restoration, which provides significant economic, cultural and ecological benefits to the local area.


Building on our Legacy...Realising our Potential’ – Biodiversity and The Mineral Products Association.

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