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  Blackhill Quarry  

Operator: Aggregate Industries
Location: Devon

The site is surrounded on three sides by the East Devon Pebblebed Heath SSSI/SAC and SPA and is owned by a local landowner. There is a good working relationship between the owner, the company and the RSPB.  The restoration works are delivered by Aggregate Industries and have been carried out on a rolling basis - some of the lowland heathland was established as far back as 1976. 

The main restoration on the site is to heathland, both wet and dry. Areas of wet heath have been colonised by sundew, bog asphodel, creeping willow and pondweeds. There is good connectivity with the surrounding landscape and with the Devon LBAP. 

In the areas from which sand and gravel were extracted, heather regeneration has been achieved by spreading locally sourced heathland litter to provide a seed bank.  The steep slopes around the edge of the restored area are well covered by gorse. 

There is one large open water area, and several smaller ponds, totalling about three hectares.  Effort on wetland habitat creation is now moving towards re-creation of mire habitat.

At the site, the vegetation is managed to give different age structures and bare ground has been created.  In addition, there are mosaics of wet and dry area and the ground surface is undulating rather than smooth.  There are plans for a grazing regime once groundwork is complete and vegetation has been re-established. 

Priority BAP Species to be found at this site include the nightjar, Dartford warbler, stonechat, pale dog violet, silver studded blue butterfly and common lizard.


Building on our Legacy...Realising our Potential’ – Biodiversity and The Mineral Products Association.

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