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18 September 2019

Brexit must not divert attention from the vital importance of industrial competitiveness

As Brexit unfolds, mineral products will continue to be essential. There remains a fundamental responsibility for the Government to deliver the conditions within which industry can thrive and also a responsibility for industry to invest so that continuing demands for mineral products can be met sustainably. Accordingly, the Mineral Products Association (MPA) has set out its new Priorities for Government, urging Cabinet Ministers to improve delivery of projects and not take for granted the vital role that the mineral products industries have in delivering the homes, public and commercial buildings and infrastructure which society relies upon. 

The new document, released ahead of the Brexit deadline, outlines eight Priorities for the Government and industry, which MPA believes will help deliver continuing prosperity for the UK:

  • Building confidence for business investment
  • Enhancing industrial competitiveness
  • Boosting growth and productivity
  • Strengthening UK supply chains
  • Making industry taxation fairer
  • Improving regulation
  • Meeting future demands for mineral products generated by economic growth and development
  • Improving the sustainability of UK supply

Writing to the Chancellor, Sajid Javid MP, and the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Andrea Leadsom MP, Jerry McLaughlin, Executive Director at the Mineral Products Association wrote: 

"Our members' products are essential to the economy and to quality of life, for building homes and infrastructure projects, and underpin critical industries including agriculture and water. Government relies on our members to deliver its priorities, from schools and hospitals to bridges, roads and energy infrastructure. Our members want to see a competitive UK, attracting global investment, with strong supply chains and robust investment in housing and infrastructure. This is vital for our members but also for the businesses that rely on the products we provide. All our members provide job opportunities, skills and progression as employers across the country, with 74,000 people employed by our members."

The industry's economic success is tied to its environmental responsibilities, on which it has a strong track record. The industry is an essential part of the transition to a net zero carbon economy by 2050 and the circular economy. The cement sector is a large net consumer of other industries' waste, and the UK leads Europe in the use of recycled and secondary aggregates. MPA's members deliver biodiversity net gain through quarry restoration.


Notes for Editors

A copy of the 'Mineral Products Industry Priorities for Government' report can be found here.

The Mineral Products Association (MPA) is the trade association for the aggregates, asphalt, cement, concrete, dimension stone, lime, mortar and silica sand industries. With the affiliation of British Precast, the British Association of Reinforcement (BAR), Eurobitume, MPA Northern Ireland, MPA Scotland and the British Calcium Carbonate Federation, it has a growing membership of 530 companies and is the sectoral voice for mineral products. MPA membership is made up of the vast majority of independent SME quarrying companies throughout the UK, as well as the 9 major international and global companies. It covers 100% of UK cement production, 90% of GB aggregates production, 95% of asphalt and over 70% of ready-mixed concrete and precast concrete production. In 2016, the industry supplied £18 billion worth of materials and services to the Economy and was the largest supplier to the construction industry, which had annual output valued at £152 billion. Industry production represents the largest materials flow in the UK economy and is also one of the largest manufacturing sectors. For more information visit:
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