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22 March 2018

MPA Welcomes Further Clarity on London HGV Direct Vision Requirements

MPA welcomes the announcement of Transport for London (TfL) that critical information identifying the direct vision safety classification of HGVs is now available.

MPA and member companies have been working with TfL and construction colleagues for several years to improve the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and other vulnerable road users through additional driver training, the fitting of additional vehicle safety equipment and buying safer lorries.

The Direct Vision Standard (DVS) will further incentivise the operation of HGVs with better driver vision and safety equipment and more widespread Vulnerable Road User (VRU) safety training for drivers.

MPA Chief Executive, Nigel Jackson said:

"TfL has worked with industry to design a Direct Vision Standard which will enable existing HGVs to continue delivering essential materials such as mineral products if safety systems are operated, reflecting representations from MPA and other organisations and companies committed to improving VRU safety. It is critical that the detail of the planned safety system for HGVs and operators is consistent with the requirements of the Construction Logistics and Community Safety (CLOCs) initiative operated in the construction industry. We are confident that the combination of CLOCs and DVS will help to achieve the road safety improvements which the Mayor and Londoners want to see."


Notes for Editors

MPA members deliver c. 20 million tonnes of mineral products such as aggregates, asphalt, cement, concrete and mortar in London every year. Although 10 million tonnes of aggregates are delivered to river wharves and rail depots, the final delivery to construction sites always by road. MPA is a CLOCS Champion (

For further information, please contact Robina Longworth; tel: 020 7963 8017.

MPQC delivers industry specific driver training focusing on safety and driver behaviour; which includes vulnerable road user training to drivers within the sector; MPQC has issued over 35,000 MPQC Driver Skills Cards since 2013 promoting safety and safe behaviours to all drivers.  Information regarding training is available here.

For more information, please contact: Chelsea King,; tel: 0115 860 013.

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