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9 October 2013

MPA Cycle Safe Campaign Reaches Cambridge Students in 'City of Cycling'

Yesterday, the Mineral Products Association (MPA) ran a successful Cycle Safe event at Cambridge University Freshers’ Fair, with support from Hanson UK.  The event formed part of MPA’s national Cycle Safe campaign to prevent collisions between cyclists and lorries and highlighted to students and members of the public where to position themselves safely on the roads in relation to Large Goods Vehicles (LGVs).

Over 100 cyclists and potential cyclists got into the cement tanker provided by Hanson to see what visibility was like from inside the driver’s cab and gave very positive feedback about the experience. Everyone who took part in the event was offered a free high visibility vest and safety leaflets were also distributed.

MPA has been running its national Cycle Safe campaign since 2011 which includes outreach work.  In 2012, MPA also launched its Vulnerable Road User (VRU) Safety Policy which has introduced additional driver training and vehicle safety equipment requirements for members to improve the safety of vulnerable road users.

Nigel Jackson, Chief Executive MPA, said, “MPA is very pleased to have been able to highlight how to keep safe on the roads for the second year running at Cambridge University Freshers’ Fair in liaison with Hanson. Ensuring the safety of vulnerable road users, including cyclists, is a key commitment for MPA, reinforced by the launch of our Vulnerable Road User Safety Policy last year. We believe it is essential that all parties work together to make our roads safer and MPA has been liaising with drivers, companies, cyclists, police and regulators.

MPA Cycle Safe campaign is guided by a six-point action plan focussed on promoting driver and industry awareness, promoting cyclist and public awareness, improving driver training, encouraging members to use appropriate technological adaptations to minimise risks to cyclists and exchange experience, liaising with schools and working in partnership. As part of this effort, MPA has also been pressing Government to ensure that local and national roads are better maintained and road and junction design enhances VRU safety.

Cambridge was an excellent location for this Cycle Safe event, described in the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group’s ‘Get Britain Cycling Report’ as the flagship city of cycling in Britain. This year, statistics from the Department for Transport showed 47 percent of adults in Cambridge cycle at least once a week and 25 per cent of adults in the city cycle a minimum of five times every week*. With the popularity of cycling in Cambridge, raising awareness of how to cycling and drive as safely as possible is also important.  MPA has now supported or run a number Cycle Safe events in Cambridge, but also in other parts of the UK, with more planned.

David Weeks, Communications Manager at Hanson UK, said, “Our vehicles are fitted with on-board cameras, warning signage and other safety devices, but our advice to cyclists is to stay well clear and never try and pass a truck on the near side.”


Imagine 1 (right) - Demonstrating safe positioning around Large Goods Vehicles at MPA’s Cycle Safe event - part of Cambridge University Freshers’ Fair  

Image 2 (left) - Discussing safety with students at MPA’s Cycle Safe event - part of Cambridge University Freshers’ Fair

*Statistics as reported on Heart News:



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