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20 June 2013

MPA Cycle Safe Campaign: Over 954 Drivers Have Completed New Vulnerable Road User Training as 'Bike Week' Gets Underway

As ‘Bike Week’ gets underway from 15-23 June to promote cycling, the need to keep vulnerable road users such as cyclists safe, is highlighted more than ever.  MPA has introduced the most positive policy initiative to improve vulnerable road user safety of any industry in the UK. A key element of this policy is requiring all drivers delivering for MPA member companies to receive vulnerable road user training.  As part of this objective, MPA has played a key role in developing the new MPQC “Safeguarding Vulnerable Road Users” driver training course, designed by industry experts to increase driver awareness of vulnerable road users, change perceptions and develop a responsible attitude towards these groups. Over 954 drivers have taken part in the course to date.

The course covers the following subject areas:

•   Who are the Vulnerable Road Users?
•   Road Safety Initiatives
•   Consequences of a Fatality
•   Driver Awareness
•   Vehicle Checks
•   Vehicle Specification
•   Hazard Awareness
•   Defensive Driving

The course can be delivered at company premises or on an open public course basis.  The training lasts one-day (7 hours) and is an interactive JAUPT Approved CPC course comprising presentations, group discussions, exercises, DVD clips and case studies.

Feedback has been extremely encouraging. Trainers delivering the course have been pleased with how positively the course has been received by delegates.  The seriousness of the subject is recognised, as well as the proactive measures taken by the industry to address this through a balanced approach to the training.

MPA’s Chief Executive, Nigel Jackson, said, “Our sector takes its health and safety ambition seriously – it is our number one priority. As an industry that operates some 30,000 lorries, MPA’s members want to be at the forefront of helping to improve road safety and our policy reflects the industry’s commitment to this issue. It requires new lorries to be equipped with a range of safety equipment and retrofitting of the existing fleet. This latest leap forward in driver training is another important development and shows that the sector is behaving responsibly. It is essential that all road users play their part.”

MPA’s position is that, whilst driver training and awareness are a key aspect of the contribution the industry can make to improved vulnerable road user safety, there is joint responsibility for road safety. National and central government must ensure that roads and junctions are designed for safety and properly maintained, Large Goods Vehicle (LGV) operators and drivers must take action to minimize the risk of collisions and cyclists and other vulnerable road users must behave responsibly.

MPA’s Vulnerable Road User Safety Policy supports its ongoing Cycle Safe campaign to prevent collisions between cyclists and Large Good Vehicles (LGVs) by raising awareness on both sides of how to cycle and drive as safely as possible.

The policy has three key elements:

  1. All industry drivers must receive vulnerable road user training. The industry training body has developed a specific course which has been CPC approved by JAUPT and is now available. It provides 7 hours CPC.
  2. New industry LGVs must be fitted with additional safety equipment including blind spot elimination devices, side under-run guards, class VI mirrors, audible left turn warnings for cyclists and pedestrians, and rear warning signs.
  3. Existing industry LGVs must be fitted with similar equipment levels within an extended 5 year period with operators encouraged to consider accelerating this timing.

The policy was launched at a National Cycle Safe Event held in partnership with the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group (APPCG) in October 2012.Transport Minister, Stephen Hammond, participated and gave his praise and support. A meeting in the House of Commons on cyclist safety followed, with the Minister and range of stakeholders taking part. The launch event and MPA’s campaign were covered by ITV 1 and BBC Radio.

Further information on taking part in the Safeguarding Vulnerable Road User training can be obtained by calling Maggi at MPQC Skills Centre on 0115 9836580; or by emailing; or by visiting .



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